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Zero Config Setup

Getting started is easy, add 1 line to your HTML <head> tag to run the framework.


Just 2 npm depdendencies – no webpack, grunt, babel, pre or post processors needed. Optional dependencies vary on the developer.


Build true native WebComponents and assemble them on screen following W3C's recommendation.

Agnostic HTML Templating

Plug-in your engine of choice (Mustache, Nunjucks, Handlebars & more). No vendor lock-in to technologies like React's JSX.

Multi-app SPA

Build multi-connected SPA apps in the same container that load and cache better than React, Angular & Vue.

SDK Tools

Arc comes equipped with its own internal build generator which will stitch and seam together multiple apps using the Prefab SDK tools.

Namespace Management

Like Java packages, organize complex applications in a folder structure you choose that mirrors namespaces.

Native ES6

Native ES6 without builds. Runs live in NodeJS, Electrton and Cordova/Capacitor.

Progressive Enhancement

Stealthfully decorate & enhance existing/legacy pages with Arc, 1 component at a time without altering any existing HTML.

Quartz Loop

Time sensitive simulation of physics, collision and AI with input, update and render sequence at an fixed update.

Data Binding

Data bind a DOMNode on screen to a class member variable in JavaScript for synchronization of values in both directions.

SPA Architecture

Framework managed SPA architecture. Intuitive, seamless and transparent, no "Router" mechanisms to configure. SEO crawalable.

Auto-Nav (for SPA)

The Auto-Nav feature handles navigation between multiple "views" or apps of an SPA using traditional links in dot notation mirroring namespace folder structure.

Component Cascade

Components auto-cascade their CSS in the right order automatically.


Transition between modes (views) of gameplay with little effort. (Ex: Splash to Menu Level to Game Menu to Level).


SAT engine resolves collisions between any convex shapes on Canvas, HTML or SVG.


Tween or animate any object with HTML5 and JavaScript properties.

A* Path Finding

2D path finder resolves best path to target on tilemaps with walls/obstacles in the way.

FPS Control

Frame dropping and interpolation for smooth animation during lags, lockstep or slow device spikes.

2D Physics

Box2D ready, stepped at a fixed physics update by Arcs quartz loop.

Layered Canvas

Layer HTML, SVG and native Canvas together to build rich HUDs.

Agnostic Data Storage

Mongo-like API with swappable data storage drivers for local and remote connectivity.

Heroku Ready

git push heroku master for deployment.